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The scientist jack could find the treatment for the Virus ( Z1 ) which was spread it in the city causing as a result of a laboratory error.
This virus which leads to the injury must of the resident of the town and it's neighboring villages and after 72 hours of injury, the population turns to zombies.
It doesn't go on the discovery of treatment only a few days until (the dark band )killed the professor jack and grab the serum for produced and sold it after that,
which lead to a major disaster because of the outbreak of the disease very quickly.
Virus as will as injuring Lisa the daughter of retired police officer Adam as a result for the bit of a zombies during zombies attack on the farm near the town,
he should get out as soon as possible from that place and access to the nearby city which free of the disease, before 72 hours in order to save her life with the help of his friend Tom.


. A Survival Game, You should get out from the town as soon as possible to be able to save your daughter Lisa before the seventy-two-hour

  • Different Gameplay Modes1- Single player mode
    • In the Single mode, you should get out from the town and kill the zombies, take care of your injured
      daughter Lisa and save her from the zombies.
    • Your friend Tom is with you in the game from the beginning to helping you by killing the zombies.
    • Many weapons you can use it to kill Zombies such as knife , Pistol , Grenade , Rpg , Flame Thrower .......etc (in this demo you just have three weapons)
    2- Endless Survival (survive attack waves)
    • Infinite zombies mode (rounds mode): Must Survive endless waves of attacking zombies.
    • Earning points from killing zombies, These points can be used to purchase weapons.
      -There is no limit to the number of rounds.
      -The game will end when the player has been incapacitated or killed by the Zombies.
      -Zombies will drop power-ups such as Max Ammo, Nuke, or Freeze Time, making the round easier.
      -The zombies' health grows rapidly, with each round.

  • ................................
  • WASD :- Directionals ( Forward ,Left, Backward, ,Right )
  • Mouse :- Left click to shoot , Right click to zoom , mouse scroll to change weapon scope
    R Key :- Relaod
    F Key :- Take & Open
    N Key :- Rifle \ Single -auto
    Spacebar Key :- Jump
    Shift+ W Key :- Run

  • **THE LAST 72 HOUR: The Full Version**
    Now we working on
    1- Adding more zombies character in the game.
    2- Add new two maps to the (Infinite zombies mode).
    3- Adding more weapons to the game such as (knife, Grenade, Rpg, Flame Thrower, and more ......)

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the developer Noor Ammar
the designer Marwan Ammar

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Published 185 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsSurvival Horror
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


The Last 72 Hour.zip (294 MB)


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Pretty fun!



The game doesn't work, only the survival part works for me. The settings don't work as well.

(Edited 1 time)

Thanks, TEddY g0 for the video, the new game mode in the development stage now. you can only play the infinite zombies mode in this demo, We update the game today you can download it again if you like it,inside the building you can get another weapon and you can open the door to escape from the zombies

Ahh, cool. I'll try it out again :)